Whether you are at home or a gym centre, there are many simple exercises you can do. These exercises will impact your health and your game of golf positively. The list includes:

1. Deadbug

In the golf swing, golfers need strength in their midsection for effective transfer of power from their lower body to the upper body. Deadbug exercise is superb for strengthening players’ core. It helps you work your abs by keeping your lower back flat against the ground.

2. Split Squat

The split squat is a lower-body exercise that works on stability, strength and mobility. Your stability will be challenged by the narrow stance, which will reduce your base of support. In the split squat, your primary aim is to work your front legs; therefore, maintain the bulk of your weight on the middle of your front foot.

3. Pelvic Rotation

Your ability to properly separate your hips from your upper body at the beginning of the downswing matters – the pros tip! The separation helps stretches the torso muscles and strengthen them to improve your swing sequence. During the exercise, keep your upper body still while you rotate your hips continuously. Pelvic rotation makes you feel stretch in your obliques, which helps enhance your mobility.

4. Full-Body Turn

If you’re ready to improve your trail shoulder’s flexibility and backswing rotation – take full-body turn exercise! This exercise will help you feel a great stretch around your shoulders, mid-back and ribcage. So, before hitting the range, take a full-body turn exercise!

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