Golf is a sport that requires a combination of physical fitness, skill, and mental focus. To excel in this sport, you must get the training basics right. Let’s look at some key aspects of golf training.

Physical Fitness

Golf requires a certain level of physical fitness. Strength and flexibility in your core, legs, and upper body are essential for a powerful and accurate swing. Engage in exercises that improve your strength and flexibility to enhance your golf performance.

Remember that your choice of clothing can play a role in your fitness training, and that’s why leggings are a great choice. With Aim’n’s black leggings are typically made of stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric that allows for a wide range of motion. Black leggings can also provide an extra layer of insulation while enabling you to maintain your range of motion in cooler weather.

Mental Game

Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical. Working on your mental toughness, focus, and concentration will help you a big deal during competitions. Develop a pre-shot routine that helps you stay calm and confident under pressure.

Swing Mechanics

Your golf swing is the foundation of your game. Working on your swing mechanics, including grip, stance, posture, and body rotation, is crucial. Proper coaching and practice are necessary to develop a consistent and effective swing.

Short Game Practice

While long drives are important, a significant part of the game happens around the green. Putting, chipping, and pitching are skills that can save you strokes. Spend time practicing your short game to improve your overall score.


Ensure your golf clubs are well-suited to your game and your body. Get fitted by a professional to make sure your clubs are the right length and have the right specifications.

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