Getting started can be deterring to friends and family who don’t know the rules of golf. However, the basic rules are not difficult to understand. This guide will assist beginners to become familiar with the rules of the sport. It will also help them caution playing partners about the “nearest” and the “nicest” positions to avoid an obstacle.

1. The Clubs in Your Bag

During a competitive round, you are permitted to carry up to fourteen clubs in your bag. The clubs may not be up to fourteen, but check to ensure they do not exceed the required amount – you may not like to be penalised for penalty strokes.

2. Playing Within the Tee Parameters

All golfers, even seasoned ones, always have a daunting first tee shot. So, ensure you tee up behind the appropriate markers – usually red for ladies, yellow for men, white for medal tees, and within two club lengths.

3. Do not Play the Wrong Ball

Playing another player’s ball in a matchplay can result in a two-stroke penalty in a stroke play. So mark your ball and make sure you don’t mistake it for another.

4. Play Your Ball as It Lies

Whether your game is in a resting position, play it as it lies, except the rules permit doing otherwise. If the ball is shifted from the rest position by anyone or object, take it back to its original spot before you make a stroke.

5. Ruling the Green

It is essential to observe some rules when you reach the green. You may want to clean your ball when it comes to rest on the putting surface, then mark the spot and replace the ball once it’s cleaned.

Golfers have the opportunity to repair damages on the green. These include animal damage, indentations from a club or flagstick, spike marks, and ball-marks. However, golfers are not allowed to repair natural wear of the hole, natural surface imperfections, and aeration holes.

6. Unplayable Lies

Three options are available to you if your ball comes to rest in a position you think it’s unplayable. One of the three options stated in Rules 19.2a, b or c will give you relief from the unplayable ball.

7. Seeking Help

While golf is a social sport, players are not allowed to seek counsel from anyone. Likewise, they shouldn’t offer advice to opponents in a competition. However, players can ask for information on the rules of the sport.

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