Unlike other sports, no two days are the same with golf. When playing a new course, you will have a completely new challenge – different shots, new greens and, it makes a player mentally balanced. The different types of golf game include:

Stroke Play

This is the most popular of all forms of golf. Stroke play involves adding up the number of strokes for each hole in a golf round. Any player that has the lowest score wins the game.

Match Play

This is the most traditional method of playing against other golfers with each hole being a stand-alone competition. The golfer who has the lowest score on the first hole wins and is referred to as “plus-1.” The golfers become even if they finish the hole with the same score.

The score from the previous hole is carried on to the next. The golfer who wins the first hole is now plus-2 if he also wins the second. It makes no difference how many strokes by which he wins the hole. However, he gets a minus-1 if the other golfer wins.

Scramble Play

Scramble is applicable in a team play match where two partners strike tee shots at a specific hole. Then, they pick up the most favourable ball to be played by a team member who didn’t hit it. The team members keep shooting until the ball enters a hole. The player that has the lowest score of the best ball becomes the winner.

Best Ball Play

The players in a foursome form a team in this type of game. Each player takes turns playing each hole and comparing their scores. The score used by the team is the best score of any player on a specific hole.

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