Golfing requires more than just balls and clubs. It requires other equipment to get started for an enhanced game experience.


Golf ball is made from beech, a hardwood material for durability. Its minimum diameter is 42.67 meter and a maximum weight of 45.93 grams.

Golf Clubs

Each club consists of a clubhead, a grip and a shaft. It is used for striking balls into the holes on the golf course. Golf clubs come in a variety of putters, wedges, woods, and iron.

Ball Markers

The ball maker is typically a piece of round metal or plastic, and it’s used to mark the course in circumstances when it’s necessary to change the ball’s position.

Golf Bag

The category of golf bags includes staff bag, cart bag, Sunday bag, etc. They are made from leather or nylon material and are used to carry the clubs.


Players control swings and grip balls better with the help of gloves. It also reduces the risk of skin abrasions. Gloves may be worn on both hands but usually on the golfer’s non-dominant hand.

Other equipment includes the clubhead, golf cart, towels, and golf shoes.

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