What is Golf?

Golf is an international game played using a club to strike small hard balls into a row of small holes on a wide open-air course.

History of Golf

Golf is a game that originated in Scotland in the 1400s. However, the first relations of golf game goes back to the first century B.C. King James II of Scotland banned golf and football on March 6, 1457. He outlawed golf as an offensive distraction, and in 1471, the parliament placed another ban on golf.

Interestingly, several golf widowers and widows wish the sport remain banned for causing distraction. In 1502, the golf sport became approved by King James IV of Scotland. This makes him the first golfing monarch in the world. Due to his royal endorsement, the sport quickly became popular in Europe in the 16th century.

Not long, King Charles I took the sport to England and when Mary (the Queen of Scots) went to study in France, she also introduced the sport there.

The object of the Game

The object of the sport is to get the golf ball from the starting point, known as “tee,” to the green, then into the hole. A flag marks the position of the hole, and you must make sure the ball gets into the hole with as few shots as possible.

In this context, “hole” refers to the whole area from the starting point to the green (physical hole). Due to the difference in localities, there was no agreement on the number of holes on a golf course.

Golf Course

The ground where golf sport is played is known as the golf course. A standard golf course consists of 18 holes, while some courses have 9 holes. A course also consists of a teeing box in each of the holes. It also has a putting green with a flagstick and cup hole.

Other standard terrain forms between the Tee box and the green include the rough and other hazards (water and sand bunkers) and the fairway.

Golf Shots

  • Drive: This is a long-distance shot that is usually taken from the starting point (tee). It can also be taken from the fairway.
  • Approach: This is the subsequent shot that is aimed at delivering the ball on the green.
  • Putt: This is a short-distance shot usually performed on the green to roll the ball along the ground.
  • Lay-Up: This shot intends to make the current shot safer by retaining the ball in a favourable position. Lay-up shot also helps to make the next shot easier to take.
  • Chip: Typically, the chip shot is used as a short distance lay-up shot, short approach shots, or to save the ball from a hazard.
  • Punch: This is a shot that keeps the ball close to the ground to avoid hitting hanging hazards.
  • Flop: This is the opposite of a punch shot, and it’s designed to get the ball over objects.

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