The following ways help you hit longer drives.

Full Shoulder Turn

Without a full-shoulder turn, it will be difficult to hit long drives. Although golfers are different in flexibility, the accepted standard for a good turn is 90° – rotating the shoulders until they are perpendicular.

Now, place a club across your shoulder’s back and hold it in place. Rotate as far as you can to your right (to your left if you are left-handed) while standing upright. If you can reach the 90° mark, your flexibility will improve by the “feet-on-the-ground drill.”


While the clubhead must reach impact at its fastest speed, achieving this needs adequate body sequencing on the downswing. This means the rotation of the lower body pulls the midsection. The midsection also pulls the arms, shoulders and club downward with accelerating force.

Attack Angle

The club effective loft will reduce if your driver hits the ball with a descending blow. This makes the ball either stay very low to the ground with slight carry distance or move high in the air with consecutive spin and a short flight.

At impact, the driver should be moving slightly upward. You’re good to go at a level hit; however, a slight downward movement will not kill you.

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